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Check out our top tips for organizing your digital life!

Clean up your work space – It is so much easier to get to work, when your sit down at a clean well organized desk. The lack of physical clutter, helps our brains declutter too. In the same way when you sit down at your computer screen and see folders everywhere, with random documents and […]

The secret to getting great wedding photos

Photo and blog post by Bre Sessions Photography, to see more of her work you can visit her here. Of course you need to start with a great photographer, but outside of who you hire to photograph your wedding, the key to getting awesome photos lies in…the Timeline! I know, probably not what you were […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of what to wear for Engagement Photos.

Once you’ve scheduled your engagement session, or any portrait session for that matter, the next step is figuring out what in the world you are going to wear! Here are a few quick Do’s and Don’ts from Bre with Bre Sessions Photography (Featured photos also by Bre). Don’t wear white– You want you and your […]

Should you have an Unplugged Wedding?

Maybe you’ve heard about the “Unplugged Wedding” trend, and are wondering what the big deal is? I mean why not have as many pictures of your wedding day as you can get, right? Or perhaps you are sold on the idea, but aren’t sure how to go about getting your guests to . Here are […]

To order a wedding album, or not to order a wedding album?

  In today’s digital world, with everything being online, do you a need a wedding album? It’s a common question, especially when the majority of pictures we see these days are all viewed from a device, or seen only on social media platform. Digital files are a great thing to have, and make it easy […]

Wedding Countdown: Setting fitness goals for the big day!

What is the first thing people always forget when starting a fitness plan? We spend countless hours doing strength training. We go miles on the treadmill. We eat salads every day. That’s everything, right? The biggest thing people forget to do when starting a fitness or weight loss plan, is to set a proper goal. […]

5 tips for getting your body wedding gown ready!

Photo by Bre Sessions Photography, taken at the beautiful 255 Milledge Venue in Athens. From the minute he pops the question, the wedding day count down begins! It’s an exciting time, with lots to do, so keeping up with a normal fitness routine can sometimes be a challenge. If you are wanting to slim down, […]